Who is the Pop Culture Mentalist?

Basically, David has two styles/characters that he performs most. One is a more mainstream show in a more serious character... The other, he performs a more comedic show as  "The Pop Culture Mentalist." 

This character makes a lot of obscure references to pop culture. The humor can be a bit random. It's a more "stream of consciousness" type humor than in other shows. "Jazz mentalism." The humor is more improvisational. 

In real life, he's a bit of a geek, so, as an entertainer,  the pop culture comedian character tends to come more naturally. This show is FULL of references, but especially a lot 1980's and 1990's pop culture; mostly science fiction, horror, fantasy, animation, etc... what's often referred to as "geek culture" (though there's a lot of mainstream stuff thrown in as well).   

David recommends that all his mentalism shows are designed for people who want to be involved and have fun - But THIS is the show for people who LOVE taking part and being involved...