I'm planning on doing more "SWAG" in the next few years. What I will be selling depends on the success of other items I may decide to sell, available space, and the success of the shows. 

The problem: A lot of these things take up a lot of room to store:

"PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS - ittybittylivingspace."

I'm currently designing several Lapel pins, stuffed animals, (and pieces from my shows...) and once I find great companies to work with to create these, I'll post the info on where you can get them on this page.  


 So far, most of the fan pieces I have are photos. This is also a place I'd like to post photos or drawings people send in from my various shows. If you have any photos from a recent event, drop me a line; I'd LOVE to see them! 

But for now... the simplest way to become a fan is to follow me (and interact) on social media. I've posted a few links to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  


There are also sponsorships at several levels. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, click the box below. 

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